Do you fancy to be godparent for one day of an adventure?

What do you get ?


  • the diary and all the pictures of the day you have chosen via e-mail
  • your name as godparent of the day in our public calendar
  • when we are back home you get an e-mail with a certificate of godparenting a day of our big adventure with a map of the full route and if I can work out how to do it the day you sponsored will be marked


Publishing rights of text and pictures remain with us.

Exeptions will have to be negotiated separately.



What do we get ?


  • 20,- € for the day you sponsored
  • the incentive to pull ourselves together and write a diary every day
  • if we are lucky the petrol for one day (in cheaper countries)



How does it work?



  • You send an e-mail with the subject godparent for one day to
  • in this mail you name the day you have chosen (you can choose as many days as you like)
  • the day will be marked in our calendar as reserved for.......
  • we send you our bank details and when the money is in the bank you will be named as godparent of day x in our calendar
  • when we can get online as close as possible to your choosen day you will recieve an e-mail with the parcel of diary and pictures
  • when we are back home you'll recieve a mail with a map and the complete route of our trip - if I can work out how to do it even with a mark on the area you sponsored. Should your e-mail adresse change in that period - please let us know



Any more questions?