About 8 years ago our idea to travel the world was born. The year before we rode our solos to the North Cape via the land route. 10,000 km in 4 weeks. That was pure stress especially as there is always something going wrong when we are on the road. So it was this time - on day 3 we broke down with a wheel bearing welding itself to the axle, and had to be toed to a BMW garage. There we had to wait for some special tool to cut the wheel from the axle and this has cost us all in all, almost a week of our travelling time.

From then on we were chasing our schedule and had no time for much more. The Baltic states fell victim to the mad rush. We had only 1 day per country. At the end of the holiday we were at home on time, proud to have succeeded in spite of all, but were also disappointed because so much had been lost in the mad race.
The following year, we decided to take a chilled vacation and to "ONLY" visit Croatia for 2 weeks. Well we are nomads so it all turned out to be a tour of the Balkan states and we rode 5000 km and 7 countries in 2 weeks.
On the way home we found with a bleeding heart that we really were not ready to end our tour. There were sooo many countries that we had not seen.
After various beers and Slobovitz ( plum brandy) we were making plans for the next hundred holidays and it became clear: "This will not do!"
We made the decision that from now on we are working on 1 target:


Save, prepare, travel around the world

Resi braking down in Poland
Resi braking down in Poland
Highest pass in Norway
Highest pass in Norway
Liza fresh from the sidecar builder
Liza fresh from the sidecar builder

The next few years we spent preparing the ground to achieve our main goal.

We discussed every option did a stock take of our dreams and wishes and in the end it was clear: we are not able to restrict ourselves to the short route. There are too many countries we want to see. We are not going to compromise here but we will also not be able to save the necessary funds in order to make it with 2 solos.

I am not willing to ride the whole trip as pillion, but I can also not imagine riding a heavily packed bike with Kev on the back of me.

Discussions again ... I rummage in the Internet and drop on Horst Ulrich's website - now I have to convince Kevin of the idea of buying a motorbike and sidecar. My bait is the GS. Kevin's dreambike wich he was never able to ride because of his short legs. Now he was hooked. Before he was able to reconsider the matter again I have bought a GS on Ebay and we’re on our way to HU – the sidecar builder.
Neither at this time nor one year later, when we were making our first experiences with this totally unpredictable monster trying to learn to ride a sidecar, we could have ever imagined that we would both end up catching the tricycle virus and loving it as much as we do.

We gathered our equipment, tried to learn languages , read mountains of adventure motorcycling and travel books, set routes and so on and so on ........
Well, and now it's on the home straight and 24 June is the big event – and then we’re off